Jeene Laga Hoon Lyrics - Ramaiya Vastavaiya (Atif Aslam)

Movie Name
Ramaiya Vastavaiya
Jeene Laga Hoon
Atif Aslam and Shreya Ghoshal
Priya Panchal
Star Cast
Girish Kumar and Shruti Haasan
Music Composer
Song Genre
Music On
Tips Music
Release Date
19th July 2013
Song Features
Girish Kumar and Shruti Haasan

Jeene Laga Hoon Description

Jeene Laga Hoon from Ramaiya Vastavaiya sung by Atif Aslam and Shreya Ghoshal. Music is composed by Sachin-Jigar and jeene laga hoon pehle se zyada song lyrics are penned by Priya Panchal. It is sure that this song is a lovely romantic track which makes one heart bend towards it. We hope that you read the complete lyrics and find some more details of this track below. Thank you and have a pleasant day and keep on rocking and smiling.

Jeene Laga Hoon Lyrics

Jeene Laga Hoon, Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada, Tumpe Marne Laga Hoon

Main..Mera Dil...Aur Tum Ho Yahaan
Phir Kyun Ho Palkein Jhukaye Wahaan
Tum Sa Haseen Pehle Dekha Nahin
Tum Is Se Pehle Thhe Jaane Kahaan
Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada Tumpe Marne Laga...
Hmmmm... Ho..Ho...Hmmmmm... Ho..Ho

Rehte Ho Aake Jo Tum Paas Mere
Tham Jaaye Pal Yeh Wahin
Bas Main Yeh Sochun...

Sochun Main Tham Jaaye Pal Yeh
Paas Mere Jab Ho Tum... (Twice)

Chalti Hai Saansein, Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada, Dil Theharne Laga...
Hmmmm... Ho..Ho...Hmmmmm... Ho..Ho

Tanhaaiyon Mein Tujhe Dhoonde Mera Dil
Har Pal Yeh Tujhko Hi, Soche Bhala Kyun

Tanhaai Mein Dhoonde Tujhe Dil
Har Pal Tujhko Soche (Twice)

Milne Lage Dil, Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada, Ishq Hone Laga..
Hmmmm... Ho..Ho...Hmmmmm... Ho..Ho

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